My name is Lixxi. I’m a 38 year old mother & a homebody.

Lixxi. I’m a 25 year old mother & a homebody.

Languages: English
Hobbies/Interests: reading, writing, video games, crocheting, doodling, bujo-ing, journaling, hiking, kayaking, fishing, cooking, baking, makeup, dabbling, painting, listening to music, etc.

103 Dove Point
Peachtree City, GA

Hello! 👋🏻 My name is Lixxi. I’m a 38 year old mother & a homebody. I’m in search for somebody that I can build a friendship with through letters. I enjoy reading, writing, crocheting, bujo-ing, video games, music, makeup, baking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, gardening, & a bunch of other things. Be ye warned, I do cuss a lot & I’ve been told to have a laid back, sarcastic, nonchalant personality. However, I’m pretty freaking awesome, if I do say so myself. If you’re interesting in building this friendship with me, shoot me a letter & we can start this journey! Looking forward to hearing from you! 🖖🏻 ‼️ FRIENDSHIPS ONLY‼️NO PRISONERS/JAILMATES

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